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    Forbes Pest Control offers a high quality and reasonably priced pest control service.
    With over twenty years of experience in commercial, residential and food handling areas.
    We are fully licensed and insured and offer phone quotes and free estimates.

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Pest Control Service

It’s not always easy to find a pest control service provider that can really take care of everything. Pests are stubborn, and only an experienced pest control company will be able to ensure there are no pest control related issues that will cause disease or ruin the structural integrity of your home.

Whether it’s bed bugs that creep under our sleeping bodies, mice running around, or ants that mass in your walls, they carry health risks and potential damage to your property. Our team’s expertise in residential and commercial pest control holds a variety of services that will help limit and prevent pest irritations. We can handle anything from rodent control to cockroach extermination, and beyond. Perhaps bees and wasps are especially bothersome at your property. Our experienced insect extermination services will help you remove any insect nest from your home safely and effectively.

Contact Forbes Pest Control, LLC today if you are looking for a quality pest control company.

Contact Forbes Pest Control, LLC today if you are looking for a quality pest control company in Mayfield, PA.

Insect Extermination

From health risks to severe building damage, ants, bees, and other pests can cause a host of problems for property owners. Our team understands how important your safety and comfort is in your own home and business. Forbes Pest Control, LLC offers insect extermination services as a pest control service so that you don’t have to worry about those little creatures running around.

The first step in eliminating any infestation in your home is to identify the species. With direct discussion on your needs and a thorough inspection, our team can help you narrow down which species of pests there are in your home and choose the proper treatment. Knowledge and understanding of each pest is critical in order to develop the proper method that must be used to get rid of them from your home. Our team has eliminated an immense amount of infestations, and has prevented even more from ever occurring in the first place. General insect control is very important to prevent an issue from ever becoming an infestation. All of our teams treatments that eliminate the problem and avoid any lingering health hazards.

Termite control
Termite Control

Termites love to munch on dry wood and your home or business is no exception. If you start seeing unexplained sawdust lying around, it might be coming from termites snacking on your walls and ceiling. When this happens, you will need to hire a termite control specialist as soon as possible to prevent them endangering the structural integrity of your home.

Our team is fully licensed and trained in finding and killing termites in order to protect your home from damage. No matter how big or small the infestation is, our team can eliminate the problem.

Wasp/Hornet/Bees Control

Our team offers services for flying insects including wasps, hornets, and bees. If you are interested in eliminating a stinging insect nest, you will want a professional exterminator to do the work for you. Trying to eliminate a stinging insect nest by yourself can be dangerous, especially if you are allergic.

Our team has the proper equipment, training and methods to remove stinging insect nests. After the nest is safely removed our team will then work with you to find the correct way to prevent further infestation. Our approach uses fewer chemicals by stopping future bee problems.

Bed bug control
Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are some of the most obnoxious critters around. As parasites, they thrive on sucking human blood. The bites they leave are itchy, and having them in your bed can make sleep uncomfortable or impossible.

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult insects to eliminate and definitely one you cannot live with. These cryptic bloodsuckers live in the folds and creases of your bed, staying out of sight and only emerge at night while you’re asleep. Since their saliva has a numbing agent in it, you don’t feel the penetration as the insect feeds on you. But once you wake up, the itchy nuisance begins! This is why you’ll want to hire a bed bug control specialist the moment you notice red bumps on your skin. Our team will eliminate bed bugs wherever they might be in your house, leaving it clean and safe for human habitation.

Ant Control

Ants enter your house foraging for food, water and/or shelter. They enter through small openings and leave pheromone trails for other ants to follow. When these horrible pests begin to take hold in your home, quality ant control services from Forbes Pest Control, LLC can save the day!

In addition to the extermination of pavement ants, our ant control specialists prevent wood-devouring carpenter ants from endangering the structural integrity of your home. Our team’s extermination plans require eliminating the entire colony because typical ant spray or repellent removes only a few of the pests and scatters the colony.

Our advanced ant eliminating technology is non-allergic and eco-friendly. Our service eliminates pesky ants and keeps them away. If you’re troubled by an ant infestation in your home, reliable pest management is a mere phone call away.

Pest Control Company in Mayfield, PA

Forbes Pest Control, LLC will rid your home of pests affordably and efficiently. We provide control of:

  • ❒ All types of ants
  • ❒ Bedbugs
  • ❒ Bees and wasps
  • ❒ All types of roaches
  • ❒ Mosquitos
  • ❒ Stinkbugs
  • ❒ Spiders
  • ❒ Rodents
  • ❒ And Much more …

If you are in need of a high quality pest control professional, please call me.

Our team provides many control programs and services to fit your residential or commercial needs. With careful inspections, monitoring and treatments we can make your home, office or restaurant pest free. From nuisance ants to severe infestations. The bugs stop here!

Forbes Pest Control, LLC is fully licensed and insured. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a high quality service with reasonable pricing.

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